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He’s a tireless singer with timeless repertoire, having survived the centuries and rocked passionate generations . It is a source of inspiration for many artists and singers. Adulated, it is present in almost half of Algerian households. To get one, some are willing to all excesses, all the madness. This is the goldfinch, also called "Prince of birds", currently almost extinct in our country.

Insatiably chased, captured and smuggled abroad, doped and sold for the pleasure of the senses, the goldfinch feathers left in recent years, many feathers in illegal trade, but "tolerated" by an absent state.

Sold in unregulated bird markets, volatile at this shimmering and colorful plumage is part of the non-domestic animal species protected in Algeria by the 83-509 decree of August 20, 1983.

Theoretically, because the reality is different. It's been several years that a handful of associations and birding enthusiasts continue to sound the alarm about the slow death of this bird in the wild, without this do the authorities react. Recently, during the month of April, a young Algerian posted a video on social networks, in which he invites breeders goldfinches, nicknamed "El Maknine" in popular parlance, to "participate in the rebirth of this bird "freeing two birds (one male and one female) in nature. Knowing that the nesting goldfinch occurs four times a year, this young believes that once released, these bird couples could give after six years a population that would amount to 30 000 subjects.

Does this initiative have been well received? On Facebook at least, ornithology enthusiasts agree: we must stop hunting protected species and organize in order to promote the breeding of captive birds.

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