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Algiers — A twinning project between the Algerian Electricity and Gas Regulatory Committee (CREG) and its Spanish and Austrian counterparts, respectively (CMBC) and (E-Control), has been launched Tuesday in Algiers to acquire management expertise in the field of electricity and gas.

Through this project, which will run for 24 months and will be funded by the European Union amounting to (€ 1.2 million), fifty Austrian and Spanish experts will be mobilized to support the Creg and train its executives according to the European standards in the field of management and control of electricity and gas.

Algerian officials will also visit the headquarters of E-Control and CMBC to be trained, in the field, on working methods of these regulatory bodies.

In his speech, the Head of the Twinning project in Algeria and member of the executive committee at the Creg, Farid Rahoual explained that this project was part of the support program to the implementation of the association agreement with EU.

According to him, six (6) goals are targeted by this 24-month twinning project, namely the improvement of the quality of service and consumer protection of these energy products, strengthening the monitoring of concessions granted by the State in the field of energy, promotion of renewable energies, the management of data, control of the interconnections and the development of effective action plans.

For his part, President of the Creg Abdelali Badache drew attention to the fact that the main priority of this project is the protection of the Algerian consumer, noting that all planned activities are intended to serve the user.

Dietmar Preinstorfer, an Austrian project manager, explained, for his part, that the approach to be implemented by E-Control vis-à-vis the Creg will be carried out in three phases.

The project manager for the Spanish side, Gema Rico stressed CMBC's will to deploy the necessary efforts to help the Algerian side to achieve the objectives, particularly in the field of renewable energies.

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