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BARCELONA- Secretary General of Foreign Affairs Ministry Abdelhamid Sennouci Bereksi underlined Thursday in Barcelona that only structural projects, such as the regional infrastructures, are able to strengthen the regional cohesion and integration in the Mediterranean region, said a diplomatic source.

In an informal meeting, held behind closed doors and bringing together the representatives of the member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Sennouci Bereksi said that “only structural projects, such as regional infrastructures, are able to strengthen the regional integration and cohesion in the Mediterranean region and provide our populations with promising and clear prospects,” according to the source.

After hailing the efforts of “UfM reflected in the identification of several initiatives and projects,” the Algerian official enumerated the initiatives and projects, notably “ the seawater desalination plant in Gaza, to which Algeria has provided support and a financial contribution as well as the trans-Maghreb motorway, which once completed, will serve the Maghreb integration project,” which are, according to observers, in the heart of the development efforts of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Sennouci Bereksi also cited the “two gas pipelines with Europe, constructed by Algeria, via two neighbouring countries, and the projects of a trans-Saharan motorway in addition to the gas pipeline project with Nigeria.”

In this regard, the secretary general of Foreign Affairs Ministry expressed the wish that “the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) be suitable, global, inclusive and complementary to the regional and bilateral cooperation.”

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