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Nine Russian students, experienced hikers – seven men, two women –massacred by an unknown force in the early morning hours of February 2nd 1959 on the high slopes of Kholat Syakhl, a mountain peak in the Northern Ural range. No one alive knows what happened.

That is, no doubt, a familiar narrative to most readers. That’s the condensed version of the famous Dyatlov Pass Incident. The story’s been told over and over; blogs, books, memes, and even movies have explored all that’s known about the Dyatlov party and the events of that mysterious night. Yet none of us is any closer to knowing what happened to them than were the original search party and investigators. Fifty-six years on and the best of us are still scratching our heads.

Was it an avalanche? Delirious panic induced by infrasound? A fight amongst the group? An attack by a Mansi raiding party? A government conspiracy? Aliens? Time-travelling Zombies? Yeti?

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