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ALGIERS- Algeria's trade balance recorded a deficit of US$10.825 billion over the first ten months of 2015, against a surplus of US$4.29 billion during the same period in 2014, the Algerian Customs told APS Sunday.

Algeria's exports stood at US$32.11 bn from January to October 2015, against US$53.28 bn during the same period a year earlier, down by 39.73%, while imports totalled US$42.94 bn, against US$48.99 bn during the same period of reference, down by 12.35%, said Algerian Customs' National Centre for Data Processing and Statistics (CNIS).

Hydrocarbon exports dropped to US$30.35 bn against US$51.22 during the same period of reference, down by 40.74%, said the CNIS.

The same downward trend was recorded in non-hydrocarbon exports, which went down to US$1.76 bn (-14.47%).

The most significant drop in exports was in food products (-17.86%), semi-finished products (-14.56%) and raw products (-6.45%), said the CNIS.

In imports, except for agricultural goods, which went up by 5.78%, the same downward trend was recorded, especially in raw products (-20.04%), energy and lubricants (-18.93%), food products (-18.06%) and non-food products (-17.89%), semi-finished products (-8.45%) and industrial capital goods (-7.31%), said the sourced.

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