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Algiers — British Ambassador to Algeria Andrew Noble said Tuesday that Algeria was a reliable energy partner for his country and for Europe in general, owing mainly to its political stability.

"Algeria is a reliable energy partner for the United Kingdom and also for the European Union, and its hydrocarbon supply will be of major importance in the coming years," Noble said in his address at the 10th North Africa Oil and Gas Summit, being held in Algiers from 8 to 9 December.

The British diplomat underlined that Algeria has managed to maintain its energy reliability vis-à-vis its partners, especially the Europeans, owing to its current political stability in a fragile regional context, its strong institutions and fulfilment of its contractual commitments during the years of insecurity."

In this regard, Noble reiterated UK's commitment to strengthening cooperation with Algeria to ensure energy security.

For his part, the president of North Africa Risk Consulting, Geoff Porter, emphasized the importance Algeria's political stability in the fulfilment of its commitments in terms of oil and gas supply to its European customers.

"Algeria has managed to cope with security challenges in the region, especially the terrorist threats in Libya and Tunisia," he said.

Algeria is Europe's second natural gas supplier after Russia, with an annual average of 30 billion cubic metres.

Algeria exports gas to Europe via three pipelines: Enrico Mattei pipeline (linking Algeria to Italy via Tunisia), Pedro Duran Farell (GME) pipeline (linking Algeria to Spain via Morocco), and Medgaz pipeline (linking Algeria's Beni Saf to Spain's Almeria).

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