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ALGIERS- The importance of analyzing the root causes which lead to radicalization was underlined Wednesday in Algiers by the Director General of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) Cindy Smith.

In a roundtable organized by the National Institute for Global Strategy Studies (INESG) under the theme “Prevention of Radicalization,” Smith said that radicalization is “a phenomenon which changes and evolves at every moment, this is why we should analyze the deep roots of this phenomenon.”

In the face of the rise of extremism, the head of UNICRI presented in the conference the common components leading to radicalization namely: the vulnerable issues, the motives and the places.

“It is the crossing of these three elements which causes the birth and evolution of this phenomenon,” said Smith, highlighting Algeria’s policy and actions in terms of fight against terrorism and deradicalisation.

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