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The two largest state workers unions have warned they will be carrying out a strike on December 29 as a response to the government’s vow to review public-sector contracts.

ATE Secretary-General Hugo Godoy confirmed that public employees who are part of his union will be mobilizing next week across the country as a warning that they will not tolerate mass dismissals and calling for a decrease in under-the-table public-sector jobs.

On Tuesday, Modernization Minister Andrés Ibarra said President Mauricio Macri’s administration will launch a thorough review of its payroll in order to detect no-shows in the national government. Ibarra said the government will review 24,000 job placement contracts made during President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration in order to detect “no-show employees” and other cases of payroll fraud.

“Job contracts awarded over the past three years will be renewed every three months and will be reviewed to examine their genuine nature,” Ibarra said during a press conference at Government House.

Godoy recognized there may be cases of so-called “no-show” employees but emphasized the problem could be easily corrected with increased oversight.

The mobilization has been called to request that “Macri, who is the boss of state employees” establish mechanisms for the public sector to begin the process of negotiations of an end-of-year bonus in the same way that those in the private sector have received.

Andrés Rodríguez of the UPCN union took a more measured line, saying that no labour action had been planned and that in principle there was no problem with the government reviewing contracts. However, any unjustified “cutbacks” would be met with mobilizations Rodríguez said.

Ibarra tried to calm fears yesterday by saying there would be meetings with unions to explain the process and that it would not trigger a wave of dismissals. He did confirm there will be “automatic” layoffs if it could be demonstrated that employees had failed to show up to work.

Transport on the agenda

Although an attempt to have the leadership of the divided CGT umbrella union sit together failed yesterday, transport unions have requested that the first contact that they have with the national government be with President Mauricio Macri himself meeting with their representatives from the three sectors of the CGT leadership.

The leaders of the various train and long-distance bus unions yesterday said they hoped to meet with Macri once the holidays conclude because they want to “personally ask him in a serious and coherent conversation what his economic policy will be.”

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