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Algiers — Demonstrations of 11 December 1960 represented a power against supporters of "French Algeria", demolished the French theses and strengthened the Algerian people rallying around the Army and the National Liberation Front.

These events wanted a firm response to President De Gaulle's utopian project (Algerian Algeria).

These events thus gave a strong impetus to the Algerian cause, just days before its inclusion in the agenda of the General Assembly of the UN, whose works had been boycotted by France.

The events proved the unwavering support of the Algerian people to the FLN and its military section, the NLA.

Indeed, the month of December 1960 has seen many demonstrations in several Algerian cities where people went out into the streets to demand the independence of their country.

Held in a sign of support to the FLN and the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic (GPRA) for the recovery of independence, these angry cries of a people enamored of justice and freedom rang in all popular districts of Algiers as Belcourt, Diar el Mahçoul, Clos Salembier, El Harrach, Kouba, Birkhadem and Casbah.

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