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Algiers — A final tribute was paid Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland, to late Hocine Ait-Ahmed, dubbed "tireless activist" and "great modest man."

More than 300 people paid moving tribute to the political and revolutionary leaderHocine Ait-Ahmed, who dedicated all his life for democratic and prosperous Algeria, said Swiss media.

"Tireless activist, and also an ordinary hero, Hocine Ait-Ahmed was a great modest man," said Professor Marie-Claire Caloz-Tschopp, who worked with one of the historical leaders of the Algerian Revolution.

In Tunis, the accredited diplomatic corps paid a final tribute to Ait Ahmed hailing his struggle for the liberation of Algeria from the colonial yoke and his unchanged position after the Independence.

In Nouakchott, political figures went to the Algerian embassy to sign the book of condolence, and underlined his long struggle for Algeria, and for the defence of the democratic principles and the establishment of the rule of law.

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