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Considering all the problems ahead of the Islamic countries in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, there can be a constructive joint of Iran and Algeria in dealing with the problems as Algeria played a bold role in Libya, said Es’hagh Jahangiri, Iranian First Vice-President, on Thursday afternoon, during his meeting with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algiers.

The meeting was held as the last agenda in Jahangiri’s two-day visit to the African country during which he was accompanied by Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian, Minister of Justice Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif, Mohsen Jalalpour, the Head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and the Head of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Valiollah Afkhami-Rad.

During the meeting, Jahangiri, on behalf of Iran’s Leader and President Rouhani, wished Bouteflika recovery to good health status. "It is hoped that Algeria reach its great defined objectives under your leadership," Jahangiri quoted Iran’s Leader as saying so.

Then he briefed Algerian president on the accomplishments of the two day visit and the meetings of Iranian and Algerian officials.

One of the main objectives of the visit was to hold the second meeting of the joint high commission of Iran and Algeria which pleasurably fruited many good results, highlighted Jahangiri.

Saying that Iranians look up to Algerians as revolutionary people and unanimously respect the president of Algeria, Jahangiri lauded the good status of political ties between the two countries.

"Economic relations of Iran and Algeria are not as strong as political and cultural interactions of the two countries," said Jahangiri adding that the joint commission made good decisions to bolster economic ties and voiced hope for cooperation in banking transactions.

Private sector was another area of Jahangiri’s talks as he wished for removal of obstacles ahead of the private sector of the both countries in a bid to expand bilateral trade.

There were agreements with the prime minister to cooperate in forming a unity in OPEC to deal with the unnatural fall of oil price, said Jahangiri referring to his meeting with the prime minister of Algeria.

Voicing gratitude for Algeria’s supportive stance in dealing with Iran’s nuclear energy program, the Iranian official hoped for a surge of economic and trade cooperation between Tehran and Algiers after the removal of anti-Iran sanctions.

"Takfiri groups like ISIL who commit the worst kinds of crimes under the flag of Islam are created to pose pressure on Muslims," underlined Jahangiri referring to the common problems of the Islamic countries.

Jahangiri held that the first step in dealing with the ISIL was to counter their destructive ideology and regretted that some countries were still supporting the terrorists and in exchange of oil hand the terrorists the most modern weaponry.

The Algerian president for his part urged more interaction between Tehran and Algeria and added that the problem of low oil price can only be dealt with through unanimity between friendly countries like Iran.

Iran is located in a crisis-hit region, asserted Bouteflika referring to the crimes committed in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, saying that the problems of the region can only be solved with contributions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Unity among Muslims was another area of Bouteflika’s talks as he held that unanimity of Muslims can foil the conspiracies devised by foes against Muslims and Islamic countries.

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