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Algiers — Kenya's Ambassador to Algeria Moi Lemoshira greeted Thursday evening in Algiers the role played by Algeria and the successes it achieved in the peace process in Mali and the support Algeria provides to other regional peace initiatives, reiterating his country's backing of Saharawi people's struggle for their right to self-determination.

"Kenya greets Algeria for its role and its marked successes in the peace process in Mali and its support to other regional peace initiatives," Lemoshira said in a ceremony marking the double anniversary of Kenya's Constitution and its independence.

He added that his country "will continue to work in close collaboration with Algeria, on all levels, in pursuit of peace and security in Africa."

After he underlined his country's commitment to the fight against terrorism, he reiterated Kenya's "determination" to work for freedom and emancipation of all African people.

In this respect, the Kenyan diplomat said his country will "continue to work" with the Saharawi Democratic Arab Republic (SADR) from its embassy in Nairobi, within the African Union and within the United Nations to "back" Saharawi people's "noble and undeniable request" for their right to self-determination and independence.

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