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ALGIERS- The National conference on town planning, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in Algiers, will be intended to update and upgrade the national scheme of town planning for 2030 and examine the means to build a national diversified economy, not depending on hydrocarbons.

The meeting which will bring together more than 1,200 players at the Nation Palace will examine the means to "build a national diversified economy, not depending on hydrocarbons, by relying on five major sectors namely agriculture, industry, tourism, services and knowledge," the organizers told APS.

Organized by the ministry of Town Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry under the slogan "the Territorial Dynamics: an alternative for a sustainable economic development," the conference will also focus on the possibility to "update the national scheme of town planning to explore the serious and promising perspectives by 2030."

According to the organizers, the meeting will result in the elaboration of a "platform" which will help assess the first stage of the application of the leading scheme of tourism development by 2030 and reinforce the strategic orientations of this scheme as a main element of the socio-economic wealth-generating dynamics throughout all the regions, notably the South and the High Plateaus.

A "roadmap" for the revival of tourism in Algeria to make it a wealth-generating sector and a source of sustainable development will be elaborated during this meeting, which will be held under seven workshops.

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