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The German Weather Service (DWD) released its prediction for the weather for the next ten days on Tuesday - and it’s one to disappoint romantics.

“Germany is most likely going to see a green Christmas, not a white one,” DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich told The Local.

Temperatures are set to rise to unseasonable warmth over the next few days, with the Rhineland region witnessing late summer temperatures of 16 to 17 degrees Celsius.

From Sunday it will get colder but temperatures will stay in positive figures below 1,000 meters above sea level.

“The only chance for snowfall is in the Alps, the Black Forest and the Bavarian Forest,” Friedrich said.

The meteorologists said that their own prediction was corroborated by those coming from their colleagues in the UK and the USA, making it all the more likely.

But he pointed out that ten-day projections only have a 60 percent accuracy level, meaning all hope should not be given up just yet.

“People can still hope for that 40 percent failure quota to be true in this case,” said Friedrich.

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