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Algiers — An agreement on the extension of the convention agreement between Algeria and Palestine in the field of religious affairs was signed Wednesday in Algiers.

The minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mohamed Aissa and his Palestinian counterpart, Youssef Daes, as well as the ambassador of Palestine to Algiers, Aissa Louay took part in this ceremony.

On this occasion, Mohamed Aissa underlined that this agreement is part of Algeria's support to the Palestinian cause, noting that this agreement will be enriched with action programmes, a roadmap and new clauses.

The agreement provides the Palestinian side the opportunity to benefit from Algeria's experience in terms of the training of imams, the management of wakfs and the organization of the zakat, said the minister.

It also helps making Palestinian crafts known at fairs organized in Algeria, he added.

On this occasion, Aissa reiterated Algeria's consistent position towards the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people's right for the establishment of its independent State, with Al Quds as a capital.

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