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Rimi Sen got the marching orders from Bigg Boss 9 on Tuesday after she polled less votes than Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Rao, Rishabh Sinha and Digangana Suryavanshi who were also up for evictions.

The Bollywood actor has been the least favoured candidate on the show for her co-contestants and audience alike as she took no interest in the tasks and was seen constantly complaining. The Dhoom star had said that she was on the reality show to learn team management but she didn’t seem to have achieved her goal.

More so, reports ­surfaced that the actor had charged a whooping Rs 2 crore for the show, and that was why she was not being evicted. Now that Rimi has exited Bigg Boss, she tells us that money was a major factor that ­motivated her to come on board. “I cannot breach my contract and tell you how much it was (the fee), because that would not be right. But it is true that they gave me a lot of incentive to enter the show. These are their convincing tactics, which they use to get people. Although my nature is very different, I also got convinced,” she says.

Talking about her decision to stay away from all ­activities in the house, Rimi says that she wanted to leave as soon as she entered the show. “As soon as I reached, I wanted to get out. Mujhe sach mein nahi rehna tha. The way I was in the show, main actually bhi vaisi hi hoon,” she says, adding, “They will never put me back in the house for sure, because maine unhe aisa content diya hi nai. And even if they do, I will never go.”

Rimi wants to take some time off now. “For the next seven days, I will enjoy my freedom. I will sleep, see films and go shopping. After this break, I have a Bollywood script which I am reading for direction and I will start work on that,” she says.

After her eviction, Rimi said she was relieved to be out again. “For me living in a limited budget, staying without food or water for hours together was torture not task. The fact that I had gone into house to stay with 13 strangers was in itself a task. But I participated in all the tasks, and did them only till I was comfortable,” she said in an interview to DNA.

Despite her lackadaisical attitude and whining against the show, Rimi refused to leave the show when the gates were opened last week. It was rumoured that Rimi had a seven-week contract with Bigg Boss wherein she will get a fat Rs 2 crore cheque if she lasted seven weeks on the show. However, the actor said she refused to leave as she wanted to go naturally after lasting so long on the show.

Rimi reached a nadir recently on the show when she refused to do her task due to which her team lost the luxury budget task. Despite that, she remained audacious and refused to part with her make-up in lieu of the luxury budget. Salman Khan had also rebuked the actor for this on the show.

Rimi Sen got paid a lot to stay on
Rimi Sen got paid a lot to stay on
Rimi Sen got paid a lot to stay on
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