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Russia’s foreign minister said he believes it will be “possible” to establish a transitional unity government in Syria within six months and hold national elections within 18 months. Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry spoke after the UNSC voted for Syria peace plan.

Following the unanimous adoption of the Syrian roadmap resolution on Friday, Lavrov told the journalists how important it is that all parties are involved in the talks.

“Only by bringing together all external players that can influence what is happening on the ground can we achieve good results,” Lavrov said in New York.

In terms of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s fate, Lavrov noted that Russia cannot support any approach that would allow one country to decide the future of another.

Kerry told reporters that talks between the Syrian government and opposition are likely to begin in mid to late January.

He also stressed the progress of what has been accomplished by the UNSC on Friday, noting that “for the first time since this war started” the UN was able to successfully introduced a roadmap to try to bring about “a peaceful resolution through a political process.”

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