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The latest advert by BVG has whipped up a storm across Europe - and it's not hard to guess why.

In "Ist mir egal" ("I don't care"), rapper Kazim Akboga - in uniform as a BVG official - gives passengers the low-down on proper etiquette when travelling with BVG.

"The whole meaning of the video is to have fun," BVG spokesperson Josefin Langer told The Local.

"We want to tell everyone that it's not important how you look, where you come from, or what skin colour you have - we're just here to take you from one place to another."

It's a message that's particularly important as thousands of refugees arrive in Berlin, she added.

The track appeared on YouTube on Friday 11th December, and BVG's link to the video received almost 9,000 shares within the first five hours of appearing on Facebook.

"It's gone through Europe!" said Langer. "We've had calls from Finland, France, Austria..."

It turns out there are quite a few things Akboga "doesn't care" about.

Whether all of these correspond with BVG's official rules is another thing - but it's pretty entertaining, either way.

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