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A Mexican research organisation has named Cape Town as one of the world's top 10 most dangerous cities for the second time in a row.

Cape Town came in at ninth place in the research. Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg are rated 41, 42 and 47 respectively.

The cities were ranked according to the number of homicides per 100 000 inhabitants. The Mother City is often listed in the top ranks for many things such as its beauty, scenery and fine dining. But this time it's for all the wrong reasons.

Mexico's Citizens' Council for Public Security and Justice says drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability and poverty are some of the criteria for the listing. Venezuela's capital city of Caracas tops the list as the most dangerous city.

Questions have been raised about the reliability of the study's methodology.

"The problem with the Mexican study is that it's slightly flawed we are the ninth most violent cities in the world you are only comparing it against countries that keep meaningful crime stats but there are many countries that crime stats are completely unreliable or are not available to the Mexican NGO is not able to consider them in the study,'' PP Smith from the City Of Cape Town.

The public has also weighed in on the matter. Capetonians are not convinced.

''I don't think it's the most dangerous I mean I was born here brought up here,” says a Capetonian.

''It’s a lovely city is not more dangerous than any other city in the world,'' says another Capetonian.

Last year Cape Town ranked 14 on the list. The majority of dangerous cities are from Latin America. South African police were not immediately available for comment.

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