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Algiers — Algeria condemned in "the strongest terms" the terrorist attack which targeted Thursday units of the Libyan National Police in Zliten, causing dozens of victims, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced in a statement.

The attack "confirms the security drift that threatens this country in the absence of credible and representative institutions, exacerbating the chaos that is to the advantage of terrorism alone," the same source stated.

In this regard, Algeria "reiterates its urgent call on all Libyans to transcend their differences, put the supreme interests of their country beyond all considerations, fully adhere to the political agreement and join, for those who do have not done so, the political process led by the United Nations to allow Libya restore sustainable peace, security and stability."

Algeria "recalls the urgent and pressing need to form a government of national unity, which represents the only way to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of Libya, its sovereignty and cohesion of its people to collectively meet the challenges of the fight against terrorism, the construction of the state and its institutions and thus meet the socio-economic needs of the people of this brother and neighbor country," the ministry added.

On this occasion, Algeria offers "condolences to the Libyan people and the families of the victims and expresses its deep solidarity with Libya in the face of this trial," the source concluded.

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