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Algiers — Algeria manages strategic errors of great powers which, by increasing armed interventions, cause important migratory flows, representing a real humanitarian tragedy, said Saturday in Algiers President of Algerian Red Crescent (CRA) Saida Benhabiles.

"Algeria is managing the strategic errors of great powers which instead of strengthening the humanitarian side, they are the source of the humanitarian tragedy facing the world currently," said Benhabiles in an evening organized for sub-Saharan migrants and Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Algeria on the occasion of the New Year 2016.

Underlining that "it is a message to the international community to raise consciousness to end the armed solutions," she said that "the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is not made to democratize and stabilize countries."

"We hope that these great powers think of the dramatic consequences of their decisions on humanity," added Benhabiles while affirming that Algeria "generous and tolerant, wants to make a call for peace and solidarity."

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