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Berlin — During the Algerian prime minister's visit in Berlin, Merkel urged his country to take back rejected asylum seekers. But although the two states have a repatriation agreement, it's not always easy to put into practice.

For some weeks now there's been a new group of refugees in Germany - they're from Morocco and Algeria. At the start of the year, Greek authorities highlighted the fact that people from these countries were trying to reach central Europe via Turkey . According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior's most recent asylum statistics from December 2015, Morocco is already one of the top five countries of origin.

The CSU, the Bavarian sister party of Angela Merkel's governing, center-right CDU, responded to this at its traditional retreat in Wildbad-Kreuth in January, calling for Algeria and Morocco to be declared "safe countries of origin." The CSU also discussed the issue with Chancellor Merkel, who attended the retreat as a guest. The new migration route was also subsequently addressed at the meeting of the CDU Federal Executive in Mainz.

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