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Qatar Airways may be set to launch the world’s longest direct flight, after it was revealed that a non-stop route between Doha and Auckland is part of its latest expansion plans.

Should the new route go ahead, the 9,034 mile journey will take an estimated 18 hours and 34 minutes, a journey time that exceeds the current longest scheduled passenger flight – Qantas’s Dallas to Sydney route – by nearly two hours. This takes 16 hours and 55 minutes to cover a distance of 8,578 miles.

The Qantas flight itself is set to be overtaken in the spring, when Emirates launches a new route from Dubai to Panama City on 31 March. The Emirates flight will take 17 hours 41 minutes, however it will be beaten to the top spot by the Qatar route.

Singapore Airlines has also shown an interest in re-scheduling its direct flights between New York and Singapore in 2018, which, at 9,535 miles and a journey time of 18 hours 50 minutes, held the record until the route was discontinued in 2013.

Reports that Qatar Airways could be set to launch a record-breaking flight emerged during the Bahrain air show last week, when Qatar Airways’ CEO Akbar Al Baker told Bloomberg Business that it planned to launch new ultra-long haul flights to Auckland and Santiago.

World’s longest direct passenger flights

  1. Dallas-Sydney, Qantas, 8,578 miles (16h 55m)
  2. Johannesburg-Atlanta, Delta, 8,439 miles (16h 40m)
  3. Abu Dhabi-Los Angeles, Etihad, 8,390 miles (16h 30m)
  4. Dubai-Los Angeles, Emirates, 8,339 miles (16h 35m)
  5. Jeddah-Los Angeles, Saudia, 8,332 miles (16h 55m)
  6. Doha-Los Angeles, Qatar Airways, 8,306 miles (16h 25m)
  7. Dubai-Houston, Emirates, 8,168 miles (16h 20m)
  8. Abu Dhabi-San Francisco, Etihad, 8,158 miles (16h 15m)
  9. Dallas-Hong Kong, American Airlines, 8,123 miles (16h 20m)
  10. Dubai-San Francisco, Emirates, 8,103 miles (15h 50m)
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