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Constantine — The integration of rural women into agricultural trades contribute to the efforts of the economic revival, said Sunday in Constantine Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women's Affairs Mounia Meslem.

"The national solidarity department, in accordance with the directives of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika aimed at making from the sector of agriculture a source of wealth, encourages the integration of rural women into the agricultural trades," said the minister in working visit to this province.

An agreement with the sector of agriculture, rural development and fisheries has already been signed "to encourage and optimize the integration of rural women," said the minister, pointing out that her department aims to make producing families in the agricultural trades emerge."

Meslem, who underlined the importance of the national solidarity sector in local development, said that "all the necessary facilities will be granted to women living in rural zones and wishing to join the agricultural world."

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