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Fox-2 (Fush in german) armoured vehicle plant in Algeria

ALGIERS- Deputy Minister for National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah on Saturday in Constantine, highlighted the efforts spent by the Army to establish a military manufacturing at the cutting edge of development.

Gaïd Salah, accompanied by Major General Ammar Athamnia, Commander of the 5thMilitary Region and Major General Chouaki Rachid, Manager of the Military Manufacturing Activities at the National Defence Ministry visited the Algerian Company for the Production of Special Vehicles "Rheinmethall-Algerie-spa" in Aïn Smara (Constantine), which Grouping of Mechanical Industries Promotion holds the majority of shares, said a communiqué of the MDN.

"The vision of the Army's High Command is reflected by the efforts exerted in a bid to establish a military manufacturing at the cutting edge of development, through serious partnership and an exchange of experiences allowing the import of modern technologies to gradually reach self-sufficiency and contribute to the overall effort of the development of the national industrial fabric," said the Army's Chief of Staff in a speech to the company's personnel.

Renewing the importance given by the High Command for such capital 0projects, mainly based on the transfer of technologies, which contribute to the development of military manufacturing, he underlined that the "vision of the Army High Command in terms of modernisation and enhancement of our armed forces is exhaustive and complementary."

"In this context, the High Command is optimistic with the serious attitude it saw with the executives and technicians working at the company of Aïn-Smara, as well as the great will that gave such excellent results, on track of reaching the set objectives," he said.

Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaid Salah's four-day visit to the 5th Military Region allowed him to inquire about the operational readiness of the units and the personnel at the Region, and inspect the military manufacturing companies.

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