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A UN representative of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) announced Monday, 21 March, that the fund will sign an agreement which is set to help Sudan, Palestine and Djibouti benefit from Algeria's experience in the agricultural sector.

“Under this agreement, which will be signed soon, Algeria will provide its expertise in the agricultural sector to those countries, and then in a second stage it will benefit other countries,” said IFAD’s Representative for Near East and North Africa Division Abdelkrim Sma during an international seminar on exchange of expertise and coordination in stockbreeding.

Sma said that IFAD will finance this four-year programme with US$2 million, while Algeria will contribute only with its experts from the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAA).

During the seminar, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Kamel Chadi underlined the need for South-South cooperation in the sector of agriculture and stockbreeding, because these countries “share many similarities, even if each country has its specificities,” he said.

Chadi has however stressed the importance of cooperation with the countries of the North, as they can propose solutions adapted to Algeria.

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