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In the Old Town Square of Prague on the first day of summer an unusual flash mob was due to take place. Several thousand people were planned to gather and participate in a massive masturbation event.

The news spread like fire and several media outlets actually took it seriously. But in reality, such an ‘eventful’ gathering was only meant to be a joke!
Fans from all around the world were planning their trips to masturbate on the main square of Prague, causing an overnight surge in hotel prices in Prague.


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Some Russian, Czech, Slovak media and social networks picked up this news, but in reality it was only three Czech teenagers who decided to pull a prank. They created a group on Facebook with the announcement of the event and what followed next surprised them.

They did not expect such a reaction from the public. One of the young founders of this group on Facebook, Jan Štacl, spoke to Sputnik saying that,

“At first it was just a joke. We created a group, just to make a joke.”

“We did not expect such an effect, we did it for fun. 90% of the people did not take it seriously. If we look at the comments on the group page there are just ironic observations of different people. I cannot imagine that somebody actually took it really seriously,” Štacl said.

He added that they were three people who created this group and all of them are 16 years old.

Another member of the group, Adam Alexandr, explained the idea behind this creation. “We have a smile on our faces because we are surprised as to how completely normal people like ourselves can excite the public. Who would have believed this? We decided to organize a fake-story; we could not imagine that it would have been bought on such a large scale.”

“We did not believe in the fact that some (Czech or foreign) citizens would believe in this banal story. We did not want to hurt anyone. We did not intend to humiliate or insult anybody in a religious or sexual sense. We apologize in advance to those who prepared for the event and were waiting for it,” Alexandr said.

So if anyone out there was getting ready to ‘enjoy’ the sun in Prague on June, 1 they will have to do it fully clothed.

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