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Algiers — The filling rate of the 65 dams in operation throughout the country exceeded 72%, said Water Resource and Environment Ministry, which added that 10 dams are totally full, while eight others exceeded 90% of their storage capacity.

Water intakes recorded following the recent rains in several provinces of the country until Thursday (March 24) were over 66.5 million m3, raising the volume of water stored in the dams up to 4.9 billion m3 , for an overall filling rate of 72.44%, the ministry said.

On all operational dams across the country, 10 dams are completely filled: Sikkak (Tlemcen), Bakhadda (Tiaret,) Bougara (Tissemsilt), water intake of Chellif (Chlef), Beni Amrane (Boumerdes), Tichy-Haf (Bejaia), El-Agrém and Kissir (Jijel), Mexa (El Tarf) and the largest dam in the country Beni Haroun (Mila) whose total capacity is around 1 billion m3.

The ministry said that the filling rate of eight dams exceeds 90%, Hammam-Boughrara of Tlemcen (99.90%), Sidi Abdelli in Tlemcen (91.14%), Fergoug in Mascara (97.29%) , Meurad in Tipaza (97.50%), Tilsedit in Bouira (98.57%), Beni Zid Sin kikda (99.86%), Foum El Gueiss in Khenchela (96.28%), Babar in Khenchela (95. 61%).

Furthermore, nine (9) other dams have exceeded filling rate of 80%.

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