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Algiers — An exhibition devoted to recent archaeological findings on Algeria's prehistoric period kicked off Tuesday at the National Museum of Bardo.

Organized by Bardo Museum, in partnership with researchers of the laboratory of prehistory of the archaeological Institute, this exhibition entitled "Algeria in the prehistory, recent search and findings" aims at promoting the recent archaeological excavations.

The exhibition comprises several sections where the first one is devoted to chronological paintings featuring the different prehistoric periods with an inventory of the fauna existing in these eras in Algeria and which also give information about climate change.

The exhibition also gives the visitors the results of archaeological excavations carried out in six Algerian prehistoric sites namely Ain El Hanech (Setif), Errayah and Oued El Hadj (Mostaganem), Tighennif (Mascara), cave of Taza (Jijel), and Tin Hanakaten (Djanet).

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