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Ben Volin calls Giardi and Price to discuss the Pats. He lists some of the reasons and stories he's heard that led to the Patriots cutting ties with Dominique Easley. He discusses some of the other recent moves the Pats have made, his thoughts on their strategy heading into the NFL draft, the upcoming regular season schedule and more.

This year's NFL Sunday on Sports Radio WEEI. It's a complete roundtable on the state of the patriots offseason moves throughout the NFL a look at the draft and more let's get it rolling when Mike GO RD camp. And Chris price now on Sports Radio WEEI. Let's get right to the fault lies here on NFL Sunday. We've been talking about patriots all the saying. Talk about patriots draft needs we've also. Spent a fair amount of time talking about your release of Domenici you leave from earlier in the week Ben bowl and of the Boston Globe. Worded very illuminating peace and Ben joins us now here on NFL Sunday with Chris price in my yard then are you this morning. Or do our. Well doing well out and spend some pretty. It just think details then a nugget that you uncovered. In your piece and for those who didn't read or watch you. Inform them with some of the things that you were you learned about Dominique Easley. Yeah it's interesting that you are the things like all you'd gone Florida. Getting sued by a friend over aggressive hit ball. But I kind of news that's not what they gave you don't know the importance of this story complete the final now we know that easily. Has been caught in the team just completely walk there and clean and two years which shocking or are out there. That he can start there kind of put the although he the other intent from the finger learned out. But the beginning dummy he's one interview coming to New England he didn't wanna be you're like being here. He completely ignored coaches making his rehab they like gave way and the players obviously do it at Gillette Stadium under the watchful higher or trainers. Instead he always yesterday he was put on IR the doing any murderers don't. Just never listened to the coaches. He showed up that is rookie minicamp with with our dog bite from the strip all that. Prevented him from rehabbing in the ACL. There patriots to another and knew about injuries and error and from the get go. Illusion that bad it all the way around and then obviously. A teenager is calling him a locker room cancer so. I do think he could not they didn't whatsoever we're making good speaker way. Again the fact could be paid an extra million are on the the app to beat your rear. I think should do about it wants. Then is it safe to say there were red flags ahead of time both medically and otherwise in the patriotism all right look we're gonna take this guy we're gonna make it work. But the other thing too right good point. Had a couple sources who both said they say that he's its 45 or older or your goal there ought. Meet their. Obviously not very good either but yet there was there were warning signs and the patriot ignored a lot. I think army Heatley kind of violated a lot of the ten commandments of the NFL grab the keys to. You know flat out admitted that he wasn't a big fan of football in law of the gain. Yet to torn ACL in college. You are well known Bratton is weird personality. You know everyone remembers the story not Chucky doll they at a Florida which. You know I could seem harmless and and play harder at the time now that we know more out of it it was just kind of weird and I was multiple that Charlie White. Who is Florida coach for when you're did not like Connie Heatley and I have good recommendations form in the patriots. For whatever reason just kind of ignored all the warning signs and it's certainly I outside he productive last year is rotational. Snaps like. That there were certainly a lot of warning signs and a lot of scientists say avoided kid I'd find it interesting that hey we're on acute Kirk Kirk. He was the first pick taken up in the air Hernandez or you would have thought that with her drastic that you're that would maybe 88 for players. Guys or more boy scout and I think you saw that lack you now brown he's probably equal opposite of Dominique easily. What we can tell a very nice home located law on the work every day while beating football team to get stronger than he monologue. So I just think it's interesting that they're hurt her traffic after air and it would it do. Had some some personality issues and and they were not able to won't cover all of these that these two about Romney easily. Ben you've covered those Urban Meyer team stare at the University of Florida in now in hindsight is it safe to say that bill maybe had a blind spot when it came to some of those guys. Yet green coach bill I mean when I covered B you have any nine eaters they want national championship or ears. They were number one promote the seat and the other here I mean that they were loaded with prospect remember. You know the Tampa Bay Bucs GM withstand you know these guys we got to get to Florida Gator strength and conditioning program that they appear our players. I mean they had so much talent. Percy carbon Brandon Spikes Carlos Dunlap you know I don't believe it on and on and they had a lot of a lot of the not worked out and well one reason or another a lot of ops from that Florida gear program and it being. You know Urban Meyer did pretty good job of maybe hiding their faults Downey Gainsville and keeping them out of trouble and then once they got. Out of is. You know out from under a lot slide any. There's your true self rule revealed I guess so you know littered the federal count of football players Jermaine Cunningham you know obviously air and it all they occurred story. Donnie easily be operated speicher count that football players but they are head or in the game and you know I guess Bill Belichick and the patriots say that our it will get in our program all kind of you know kept them all mine in a lot of these guys out. And it's it's a little bit I I embarrassing is too strong word because you're not gonna hit on. A 100% of the next to me but to not vet this did or to not take. The words of people like Charlie Weis. Who'd who didn't look loved listed from the get go. It just in to make a lot of sense like you you can. Then there are still other talented players in that drafted you to take probably had a lot more love. For the game of football. Then the Dominique Easley I just can't quite wrap my head around why they would make a decision like that. I'm what do you mean I think they obviously they saw the talent. They were overwhelmed by a picket potential. What I'm with the army spec everything it has gone through their targeted that it is kind of shocking. They kind of ignored some of those warning signs and well we noble like that we'll get him harper memorable figured out and and hit it worked for a lot of whether it be if you. For some guy to have good job of keeping in mind getting them focused on football what. Yet you know I actually spend the younger former coworker at a young. The report that this scouting department at a fourth round grade on. When packer all the you know the injuries and all and and all the Ripken and studied it might have been a case where. Well a check in and maybe Michael Lombardi and nick Serio. Well well with football player and media overrule the scouting staff will be wars which does happen from time to time a major. And you know that they have to take risks when your patent 29 they get it and you know went back and that 2014 trap Decker around for a try to make you know who you know who optical to drop in the group taking Cody Cody leader after aperture that they could. They're onto it from the Steelers but you know the war that many great. Prospect Matt tracks or a bill yet it could have found someone who's a better fit and don't. Who like football certainly yeah a lot more than on. Ben moving forward I'm struck by the movement that they you've undergone when you're talking about that front seven. No more easily no more hicks no more drones Chris Jones Chandler Jones nor worse over the wing got some and we're talking about the first hour. They may be looking for guys who might be better feet beneath the reef for as opposed to a four threes or anything to you that your opinion. You look at their defensive tackle right now a lot of big. Pre ordered when he powered. You don't unplug her nose so I think there is some feedback. Malcolm Browne I think it to a guy who couldn't should be gaps and indeed good interior structure. And we'll do what they do an address you know maybe you get another 290 pound at the apple. I don't think Bill Belichickwants a lock himself in any one team. I don't you know it is based maker in one dimensional I think you wanna be able to have the flexibility to go back for the reform or Greek. Right now they're defensive tackle situation certainly looks like they're going to be playing for crowd expect and they booed. You know you know you never know I mean they've gone back or something different iron and they're really mean this puppy in the nickel package. Probably as their base the end now anyway. So why not. You know it's interesting you talk about are they changing your defense but I don't think we can put too much stock in you you got. Every week that there are game plan and they don't like it pigeonhole themselves into one not scheme. I've heard that everyone follows a different game plan I think that that comes out of it quite often make so if they stay where they are in the draft then. And you're controlling the board. I have to give me names per say but what are. The most important needs as they head into the April 20 wallet the first round April 29 will be today they'll do their business. With the draft. Electrical not putting me on the spot. In. Ankara not what I want now. And we'll leave it there a position where they don't have to effort needed they have all their starters at this point they're really they're just strapping for app and are backed up for future so. I think all that to tackle that one area where they eat there on that Ballmer is probably. Coming Q and and relatively severe this year next with I think he entered a contract with nature. Neitzel are not quite sure what his future long term we're going to be. And market can't and I think we at all Cheney's bouquet but hasn't been great tackle prospect letting. Second round pick him up at the apple would be a very well. I didn't need a quarterback. Logan Ryan now and Butler vote in their contract years and I don't while they're depth that the number three quarterback position. But he could definitely use another got back there. And then running back and I think running back is actually very important and oh never got right back to that but. And that belt now is is. An important part of the offense. You know I don't they bring with their linebacker. So all the position. You know Lou it's not quite sure you're gonna get from him Palmer Albany's yell out target running back in its record third round they did that a few years ago took Ridley and marine. So you know I think definitely. Running back quarterback off at apple either be a need for them right now. One of the other big stories acumen at this week obviously with the release of the 2016. Regular season schedule wanted to get your take on. A couple of different things. As it relates to that sleep that they have. Upcoming 2016 it doesn't appear that there any sort of you know six game goal it's for them to run. As as was the case back in 2014. Or are there a couple of interesting deems on the on the of the schedule. I know they have a short week against Houston. Other travel and a lot of miles this year to and he noted you know travel is not anywhere near as remarkable. Record as as important as it is. In football as it is in the other sports but just two different trips out to the West Coast minute trip to Denver what are some of the things in at least you know right now right off the top some of the surface observations you have. About the 2016 patriots late. Her bloodied and Tuesday that for the second euros or starting an end on the road. And that the week seventeen on the road are much more important and we want to cut it all and it's where. They've law in Miami up reached three years. So. I mean obviously everyone remembers how much it caught in this taxis I think. Haven't finished at Miami could fall into that in general at Denver homer jet and acted to all those are three very difficult game. The tater you're you prepare for the playoffs. And there's a stretch in the middle with you when they travel or I gained the U of I we it over Pittsburgh at buffalo. By we then Seahawks on Sunday Night Football and niners. Niners are not a great team but have a goal outlasted every he had an act yet for that yet it detected district is yeah. Yes so that's going to be at a ostrich as well I think it it's pretty all the beginning. It at all and tax and build own and act Cleveland so. Yeah I would agree a lot of models not too many big time quarterbacks. So I think there are boarding you know a lot of good quarterback again by. That that closing stretch at Denver verse the jet and at Miami I would definitely concerned are. Yeah I look at that I look at that starts right there as a as an integral one of the season and you wanna be in a position again where. You don't have a brain argue that against Philadelphia or things of that nature and you wanna make sure that that team in Miami. Means nothing. Mean absolutely nothing you if you take care of business is doing is supposed to do. You wanna be twelve and career thirteen into his role in the in a Miami and have the opportunity to. Tell people they're not playing and we're not gonna come up with some weird game plan that sort of keeps us in the game but not really. That's the one of the war on explainable. Situations that happened at the end of last season and then we appreciate it and it's odd to to join us and for sudden some light on the yet Dominick he's situation. Thanks and enjoy your Sunday beautiful out there gotta get out and out. Red Sox of course planet blue jays where here Fenway Park doing our NFL Sunday. The we we hadn't gotten into the schedule just yet. I did he wait too early. You don't know injuries and don't know full roster flaws with us laws and I have a thirteen entering the for its early sixty I I did. I had the losing to Arizona. Which I know you give Belichick should talk to repair but I think tough trip. Arizona the very good football team in rebound to determine on a Sunday that apple is probably pretty crazy. Put that one down a put down the game. And the meadowlands against the jets that at MetLife stadium. But that's November of the twenties seventh yeah. But that one down as a loss on top placed play. Very good defense again. Yes they don't know their quarterback is but again this is way too early. Don't shoot me because I'm making these predictions this early and then though I hesitate. And then now Miami. Yeah because they just they don't want him you know in if I think if their druthers they flip that around. You know they've go to Miami it's even though that's even probably in some ways less palatable but you know you'd you'd prefer to plated dolphins. In Foxboro in December. Absolutely as opposed to playing them in south of South Beach and partners whatever it is they BB I think thirteen three is a reasonable. Look at this scheduled to Walton four at this stage of the calendar I also think to that in him. Judith for the next couple months ago overeat the Steelers just so people know that a lighted on the show I get over it the Steelers a little bit I think as a potential B. But it daisy team because if you have. A healthy Pittsburgh team. I think they can match you score for score they're not worthy of which should be defensively and you know to have to consider themselves neutral would greet the team. But I think that they have enough you know options on the office it's out of all the match you can when he did shoot them. Of but yet I think auditors or it could be tough and we always remember the started year. This team takes awhile to kind of figuring out a little bit in that's one of those teams at one of those early season games where. It's not only complaint bills that hole where Durkin album but but we are going to go on the road pizza burgers only team. And anything that might be difficult game but yet it is that if they always lose one game that are. You don't think they're gonna lose yeah. In it's just it's gonna jump up out of nowhere whether it's it's it's the Alley it's going to be great game in Seattle that loss. It's just comes out comes off a short week I believe yet enough to come out the Huskies it's just wanna go right did it they always lose one game that we don't think they're going last year was Philadelphia. It we don't think they're gonna lose important yet exactly it that's good he seat he Hewitt Heppner. Get smoked and who's got lit up yet and it bill season highly to maybe not so fast they go yeah yeah that day inevitably they always had a losing one game so I think thirteen and three years. Two mobile pulled in 413 to three from Wednesday's helping. It and it's amazing when you think about it crescent united know us for a long time. What the run of success. And every year it's 111213. Sometimes fourteen or even when you're sixteen. Every year you just look at that's about these guys have been of these guys like to me. Based on what's happened thus on the off season. The best team no week. Is here in April. The patriots in it's not so much again what yet in its not so much the idea that they are beef. Moved head and shoulders have ever won but that's a team that was in the final four last year and they haven't suffered any significant losses. They've stayed healthy they've kept a relative we've seen view when it comes to salary cap issues intensity of what they've retreated water. But the date they are the scene team that they were at the in the last year when you look around the AFC is to start with the FC. Inevitably their team I mean that the Broncos the Broncos and problems have Mark Sanchez starting quarterback. Which. That's a great defense look I write I'm saying it's it again it has the potential to be the sort of defense that can take him deep into January. In May be even when the monopoly appease these healthy in the do with. But the marks changes playing quarterback and and were. Talking happily to San Fran about trying to get comic and who's coming off. Two awful seasons and major surgery on his arm by the way but and you look around the rest via sees it okay. Gold division by division they'll these guys and it'll if everything falls into play for Baltimore for example exe Baltimore count. If everything falls into place for. I don't know the Steelers. Exe to Steelers meet and run if the ET Al. Right if you west other than maybe the Broncos. I don't see another team that is improved enough to a point where you can put them ahead of the patriots. Yeah up by theCincinnati Bengals laments that disciplined football team you know we coached by Marvin although I will say this general today I have a listener posted this I think it was on Friday where you look at the ten most eagerly anticipated games of the year. In the Broncos. The big Steelers in Cincinnati in December with Vontae is perfect. Writes yes but you break can be fantastic. Antonio Brown my one or two helmets and act and a back in could be. Ugly. Go up the dubbed the officials again posted at midfield. They have not their work cut out forms. One things that is an X-Factor when you look this patriots season use. Tom Brady. And what happens would this never ending. Keyword. The deflated scenario we talked about it all last summer. Other reasons why we kept when visual snarled spring and several Lester was because there was inevitably it was more more more. And here we are again yet and it still remains. An issue. Poorly handled by the National Football League. It's in the courts which is just. We're still talking but this is football when we what are we doing. Where this they'll be in the court but so that that's and we say you're good schedule into that yourself well this is what it looks like while this is what it looks like but. If you quarterback suspended for four games you don't know about injury situations is all these sorts of things to come into play over the course of the year. Mean number last year for the first five or six reaches everybody was losing body left and right where city you're gone and pickets thus far everybody AFC's. People dropping like fly that and though we know now narrow and there holding the other and then all of a sudden. That string of bodies. Dion Lewis. And it just released rates can exactly up and then two cattlemen and on and on line at our house he would. With his injury and in Denver and it too cute. In replace such a dramatic role in the course of an NFL season you're listening at a felt Sunday MIT RD Chris price. From Fenway Park of all places another 35 minutes of NFL Sunday wanna join us it's 17. 779. 7937. Against excellent 77797937. Here on W via.

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