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BAMAKO- The Malian authorities affirmed Friday that the crash of the Spanish Swift-air company plane, chartered by Air Algérie, which killed 116 people on 24 July 2014 in Mali, was caused by the " non-activation" of the anti-icing system by the crew.

The "engines pressure sensors had been blocked visibly by ice crystals "and "the anti-icing systems have not been activated by the crew," Mali's Minister of Transport, Mamadou Hachim Koumaré said during a press conference to present the final report of survey published in Bamako.

"The blocking of the sensors undermined the running of the engines, limiting the engine thrust at insufficient level so the plan can normally pursue flight," he said, quoted by news agencies.

The report confirms the preliminary results on the crash.

The French Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) had already revealed that the main cause of the accident is the not activation by the crew of the anti-icing system for the engines, which could cause the stalling of the 'plane.
"The recorded parameters show that there have been no maneuvers to address the stalling by the crew," had said the BEA in April 2015, according to the first elements of the investigation.

The Ouagadougou-Algiers flight crashed in northern Mali, in the region of Gossi, with 110 passengers and six crew aboard, all Spaniards.

The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD 83, was chartered by Air Algerie from the Spanish company Swiftair.
BEA has provided technical assistance to the commission of inquiry on accidents of Malian civil aviation, at the request of Mali.

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