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Algiers — The members of the People's National Assembly welcomed Tuesday in Algiers the procedures provided for in the bill completing the edict 66/156 on penal code, underlining the need to define the concept of terrorism.

The deputies welcomed the measures under this bill, notably concerning the criminalization of any act of movement of Algerians or foreign nationals in Algeria, legally or illegally, to another State to commit, encourage and train to commit terrorist acts.

The participants also welcomed the content of this bill which will adapt the Algerian legal framework to the international commitments in terms of fight against terrorism, underlining that the text "reflects the vision of Algeria which insists on the international and regional cooperation for an effective fight against terrorism."

Pointing out Algeria's "pioneering" approach in fighting terrorism, the deputies called to address this scourge by dealing with its causes that incite young people to join terrorist groups.

They also underlined the need to define the concept of terrorism in order not to confuse between terrorist act and resistance action.

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