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The New York Jets are headed for Prime Time as the NFL schedule for the 2016-17 season has officially been released.

Slowly but surely we are making our way through the long part of the offseason and we just made it past another barrier. The NFL schedule was released in astonishing fashion and the ESPNs and NFL Networks are already debating about what teams are going to win what.

But for fans of the Jets. several things stood out from their schedule and the biggest thing was that their favorite team were headed for prime time. Last season, the Jets got a taste of prime time with two games on Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, respectively.

As soon as the schedule was released, NewYorkJets.com did a fantastic piece on the schedule as a whole and an interesting piece of information that was in there delved into this historic prime time slate, via Randy Lange:

“The last time the Jets played three home night games? In 2010 and ’11. How about three home night games in a four-week span? That would be 1964, when the Jets routinely played their AFL games on Saturday nights and had four in a five-week span.”

It seem the NFL schedule makers believe that second year head coach Todd Bowles and his Jets are ready for the spotlight. The Jets fell off the relevancy map after their back-to-back AFC Championship games and after missing the NFL Playoffs the last five years.

Here are all the prime time games the Jets will have come next season:

We start the prime time slate off in familiar territory as the Jets get their chance at vengeance against their former head coach Rex Ryan who had the Jets number last season sweeping the series. Not only will the Jets be donning their kelly green uniforms again, but this will be the first game of the season shown via Twitter.

“This season, the NFL will use a “Tri-Cast” distribution model of broadcast (CBS/NBC), cable (NFL Network) and digital (Twitter) for 10 Thursday Night Football games. The network broadcasts will be simulcast on NFL Network and streamed to a global audience across devices for free on Twitter.” – Randy Lange

Fortunately as Lange said above, you can still watch the game via your local networks, but an interesting new media to catch these games on for sure. The Jets will get their chance early to beat the Bills this time around.

The Jets have the seventh toughest schedule in the National Football League and it doesn’t get any easier with their second prime time game of the season. Beyond the fact the Jets will be playing a team that was in the NFC Conference Championship game last season.

It’ll be coach Bowles first opportunity against his old team where he served as the Cardinals defensive coordinator from 2013-14. Will the student become the master? Or did Bruce Arians not teach Bowles all of his tricks? That’ll be one of the more interesting chess games of the season.

One of the prime time opportunities that has eluded the Jets over the years is Sunday Night Football. Last year, the Jets were on Saturday Night Football, Thursday Night Football and even Monday Night Football.

Now the Jets will get their chance deep in the season at home to play their division rival the New England Patriots in front of the world on Sunday Night Football. It’s the first time since 2011 ironically enough on Sunday Night Football against the Patriots in November.

The Jets played the Colts last season on Monday Night Football and won in astonishing fashion, forcing the Colts into multiple mistakes at Lucas Oil Stadium and continued their winning ways.

This time around the Jets will be playing the Colts at home and much deeper into the season. And also yes, the Jets will be playing in back-to-back prime time games. The Jets want to make their way back into relevance and the schedule makers are giving the Jets every opportunity to do that.

The Jets haven’t played three prime time games since 2010-11 and it has been even longer since the Jets have played three prime time games in a four game span. Over 50 years in fact and the Jets manhandled the Dolphins last season.

It will be very interesting to see how the Jets handle five prime time games this upcoming season and if they can rise to the challenge of a very tough schedule. Everyone knew after the easy schedule the Jets played last year things were going to get a whole lot tougher.

A lot of fans of opposing teams have been chirping about the Jets getting prime time games based on the fact that the Jets didn’t make the playoffs last season. The Jets went 10-6 last year and ultimately depending on how the quarterback situation pans out, could have major implications on how the Jets fare this season as a whole, let alone in prime time games.

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