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India's investigators are unlikely to be allowed by Pakistan to collect evidence there in the case of the attack on the Pathankot air force base, suggested Pakistani envoy Abdul Basit today.

His remarks come just days after the government controversially allowed Pakistani officers - including one from the powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI - to tour the base where seven military personnel were killed in January in a terror attack by six Pakistanis.

"The visit of the Pakistani probe team to Pathankot is not about reciprocity," High Commissioner Basit said. The strong hint leaves Prime Minister Narendra Modi wide open to harsh criticism from political opponents like Arvind Kejriwal, who had strongly protested against the Pakistani visit.

The High Commissioner's statement today provoked a mordant told-you-so from Mr Kejriwal , the Delhi Chief Minister.

Todays announcements by Pak are a slap on India's face, thanks to our PM

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