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A Russian hacker has been jailed by the U.S. District Court in Atlanta on charges of cyber fraud, the state-run Russian Legal Information Agency reported Thursday.

Alexander Panin was handed the 9 1/2-year prison sentence after being found guilty of creating the SpyEye spyware program. The program allowed him and others to access personal data to withdraw money from bank accounts in multiple countries.

Panin had amassed the personal data of 1.4 million of users worldwide, as well as selling on versions of the malware to up to 150 different people, The Associated Press news agency reported. Prosecutors estimated the total damage at nearly $1 billion.

A second hacker, Algerian Hamza Bendelladj was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In a big step towards forcing him to return to the country, the government has suspended Mr Mallya's diplomatic passport, issued to him because he is a parliamentarian; a court has also issued an arrest warrant for him.

Mr Mallya, once known as the King of Good Times for his high-bling lifestyle, has ignored three requests to appear in Mumbai for questioning by the Enforcement Directorate, which is looking at whether he siphoned abroad nearly half of a 900-crore loan from IDBI.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

After inheriting a vast fortune based on a liquor empire, Mr Mallya grew his wealth substantially on the basis of the best-selling Kingfisher Beer. He launched Kingifsher Airline in 2003, pledging to provide luxury travel to the average Indian flier. It stopped flying in 2012, grounded by debt, and the next year, its license was cancelled; thousands of employees are still owed wages.

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