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China Daily April 9 (by letter lotus according to the British Reuters, April 8, the US company SpaceX developed 'Falcon 9' rocket successfully recovered after the launch, landing on the sea landing platform, can recycling rocket technology breakthrough .SpaceX had recovered the rocket had failed four times, and now finally succeeded in the fifth.

8, 'Falcon 9' from Florida's Cape Canaveral to take off into space to the International Space Station resupply its main propulsion and later return to Earth, successfully landed on the sea automatically predetermined landing gear on.

Some commentators believe that this is the successful landing of SpaceX rocket recyclable technology is a major breakthrough, helping to reduce costs aerospace industry.

Prior to this, SpaceX has failed four times in June 2015, its launch vehicle suffered an accident, a number of the original plan into space along with the supplies destroyed. In addition, in December 2015, has there is a 'Falcon 9' rocket successfully recovered, but the landing platform on land, not at sea.

The launch, the rocket took off about two and a half minutes later, there are 23 stories tall, the rocket body consists of two parts separated in the air. Then reverse the direction of the propeller section, return to the ground, landing on a predetermined landing platform. landing platform floating in the sea, to the east of Cape Canaveral about 300 public office.

SpaceX founder Musk said: 'The rocket landed, neither poke a hole in the platform, there is no tipping at sea we are really excited.' According to AFP, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA spokesman George Di Er Yue confirmed 'Falcon 9' rocket really successful landing platform at sea.

The earliest possible recovery of the rocket body will launch again in May 2017, but before that, it also accepts 10 test firings test.

SpaceX intends by the end of 2016 will increase the frequency of firing rockets into biweekly recyclable rocket brought the price advantage, SpaceX has huge gains of about $ 10 billion worth of satellite launch orders Musk estimates that early ' Falcon 9 'rocket can be reused 10-20 times, if to be maintained, may be used up to 100 times.

The transmission, the 'Falcon 9' will 'Dragon' spacecraft into space spacecraft carrying cargo over 3000 kg, including: food, supplies, and laboratory equipment.

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