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The Falkland Islands are full of sea lions but if one gets in to a road they are not easy to move.

In fact, in turns out the most effective technique is to wave your your jacket like a matador – as proven in this video which has recently gone viral.

It shows PC Chris Butler pull off his best bull tamer impression after the animal walked in to a busy road on Stanley.

After a lot of flapping the sea lion slowly backs off before eventually being chased back in to the sea.

PC Butler said: ‘When I started in 2014, a colleague told me that if I ever had to get a seal off the road the best trick was to wave my yellow jacket as they don’t like rustling noises.

‘Unpracticed, I went with the advice and calmly approached the sea lion.

‘As you see in the video there were a couple of moments where I thought it was going to have a go back but in the end it turned tail and head back to the water.

‘It was a fairly cold day and at the water’s edge, it looked, and then turned back to me as if to say, ‘I’m not going back in there’

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