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Algiers — Algeria's working-age population hits 11.932 million, of which 10.6 million are employed and 1.337 million unemployed, according to the figures of the National Office of Statistics (ONS).

The working population is made up of 8.66 million men and 1.934 million women, said ONS' latest report drawn up in September 2015 (latest available figures on the situation of employment and unemployment in Algeria).

Wage-earners represent 69.8 percent of the overall working population, while employers and freelancers represent 28.7%, said ONS.

In reference to the structure of jobs according to the branch of industry, market and non-market services absorb 61.6% of the total work force, followed by construction and public works (16.8%), industry (13%) and agriculture (8.7%).

In terms of legal sector, ONS' report said that the private sector employs 58% of all the employees, but with a gender disparity as female employment is mainly concentrated in the public sector with 64.1% of the overall female employment.

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