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In what will be a two pronged display of their growing naval powers, India will deploy its two fleets, Eastern and Western, to the northwest Pacific Ocean and West Asia respectively.

For India, these missions are more than just going port to port and displaying their flag, rather it is about engaging in naval diplomacy and showing off the naval muscle of the country.

The Eastern Fleet will take part in Exercise Malabar, an annual joint naval event, alongside the United States and the Japanese Maratime Self Defense Forces. The Fleet is comprised of two stealth frigates, INS Satpura and Shahyadri, the Shakti fleet replenishment ship and the Kirch guided missile corvette.

The goal of the Exercise is "interoperability," however, many have commented that it is rather just a way for the US to increase its influence in the region. Most particulary, it is China that India, the United States, and Japan fear will gain power in the South China Sea.

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